Clinic Munich Bogenhausen
Klinikum München Bogenhausen

Sonnenstraße 24-26
80331 München

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Clinic Bogenhausen. The modern high-performance clinic

Our house, which is more than 900 beds in size, is of paramount importance - and is one of the youngest clinics in the city of Munich. The beautifully integrated hospital was built in 1984 and has a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Every year, some 36,000 people find fast, competent and individual help.
Medicine with supregional importance

With 18 specialist clinics and four day clinics, our specialists support the medical care of the entire region of Southern Bavaria and beyond. Our interdisciplinary competence centers offer highly specialized treatment options and are widely known.

The main focus is on the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and lung disorders, digestive organs, movement apparatus, metabolism and disorders of the nervous system.

The Clinic Bogenhausen treat cancer patients in our certified oncology center with the associated centers for colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.
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