Clinic Munich - Schwabing
Klinikum Schwabing.   The popular tradition clinic

Our hospital in the district Schwabing is the oldest and most traditional house of the Municipal Clinic of Munich. Despite the size of over 700 beds the character of the clinic is characterized by the generous garden and park facilities. The friendly atmosphere is appreciated by our more than 35,000 patients every year as well as visitors and employees. Even with our new building, top-quality medicine and patient orientation in Schwabing will retain the optimal structural framework.
Klinikum Schwabing

Kölner Platz 1
80804 München

Tel.: (089) 3068-0
Fax: (089) 3068-3801

Top-class medicine - closely networked with the Munich universities

Munich is one of the most important locations in Germany and Europe - also in medicine. We are also pursuing this claim in Schwabing, where, for example, our specialist clinic for hematology and oncology is one of the largest departments for the treatment of cancer in Germany. The Klinikum has the only special unit for the treatment of high-risk diseases in Bavaria.

The medical services range from the ultra-modern accident center, to children's surgery, to tumor therapy.

Kinder- & Jugendmedizin, which requires the highest level of responsibility and multiprocessing, plays an important role and for which we have set up an outstanding children's center together with the Klinikum Rechts der Isar. In our WHO / Unicef-certified baby-friendly birth clinic, more than 2,000 Munich-born children get a good start every year.
We also offer comprehensive medical and nursing expertise in medicine for women, in the treatment of blood and cancer diseases, in heart diseases and in the area of ??the neck, nose and ears.
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