Please send your treatment inquiries to us via the contact form or pdf. Please note that we cannot deal with your inquiry unless you provide us with the form completed in English, or Arabic Language. ( more exact in English )


We require copies of the following medical documents to enable us to provide treatment offers and the cost estimate:

- Mandatory: latest medical report (not older than 3 months; hematology cases: not older than 1 month)
- Imaging technique results
- Laboratory results
- Oncology patients: histology report, treatment plans/radiation treatment protocols of previous treatments

The medical documents have to be:

- in English or Arabic Language

- up-to-date (not older than 3 months; hematology cases: not older than 3 weeks)
- informative (for example: current status of the patient, last treatment, principal diagnosis and further conditions) and
- essential - please understand that we cannot handle too extensive documents.

Upload over the Telemedicine Portal:

Medical documents (for example word, pdf, jpg format) can be submitted via the contact form. Image data (for example: CT or MRI images) can be made available to us using our Telemedicine Portal. You will be forwarded to the Telemedicine portal and receive the respective web link via e-mail after you have submitted your treatment request form.
You may use this web-link to upload further data at any time.

Inquiries Neurosurgery / Cancer Surgery - Treatments ( Proton Therapy )

In addition to the above mentioned documents we require up-to-date MRI images, which are not older than 3 months in case of inquiries for the neurosurgery department. Please note that we require images in the worldwide accepted DICOM image format (no jpeg or other image formats can be accepted) over our Telemedicine Portal (instructions available in German, English, and Arabic Language) or sent on CD-Rom/DVD to the International Office.

nquiries Orthopedic treatment:

For most orthopedic department inquiries, up-to-date X-ray / CT / MRI images are required. Please send these over the Telemedicine Portal (instructions available in German, English,and Arabic) or on a CD-Rom in Dicom format.  In case of deformities we kindly ask you to provide us with up-to-date photos of the limb/body part to be treated.

Duration of processing

We normally require about five working days to provide a treatment offer and the cost estimate. Please note, that if you use our Telemedicine Portal to upload your data we will have immediate access and can process your inquiry as fast as possible (no mailing delays).


We will do our best to arrange an appointment on a date that is convenient for you. Please indicate desired dates. We do not have lengthy waiting times as a rule. Please note that we are unable to confirm an appointment until the amount stated on the cost estimate has been paid.
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